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October 2019 Newsletter

A Message from Alumni Relations:

Happy October brothers, it is with great pleasure that I inform you of what is happening with NC Omega. Previously, the chapter has been loose about relations with Alumni. I intend to keep you updated on everything NC Omega each month with this newsletter. I am looking forward to contact with all of you. Come join us at events and tailgates.

Phi Alpha,

Dustin McNeely

What's Happening?

Since last Spring things have changed with the chapter, including the Executive Council. Here is the 2019-2020 Executive Council for NC Omega:

· Eminent Archon: Matthew Garcia

· Eminent Deputy Archon: Jake Viers

· Eminent Recorder: Coleman Lee

· Eminent Treasurer: John Di Zegera

· Eminent Correspondent: Matthew Mudd

· Eminent Warden: Brandon Leonard

· Eminent Herald: Brett Diller

· Parliamentarian: Dustin McNeely

· Membership Educator: Brett Saunders

· Recruitment: Sam Sutherland and Cullen Kerigan

· Health and Safety Officer: Brock Collins

The Executive Council wants to keep you informed of everything going on. On the next page you will find the October Executive Council Reports. Keep reading, do you think you have what it takes to take on the current NC Omega brothers in the Alumni vs. Active Brotherhood Homecoming football game?

October Executive Council Reports:

Eminent Archon:

October is upon us and we are excited for the events coming up! First off, thanks to the parents who traveled to see us during parent's weekend! We hope you had a great time seeing and meeting the brothers of NC Omega! Second, homecoming is around the corner during the 25th-27th weekend. We are excited to see our alumni again and to introduce y'all to our new class: Alpha Theta. Sign up for the active vs. alumni football game on the 25th (details below)! We look forward to seeing you in the next few weeks, Happy Fall and Phi Alpha!

Eminent Deputy Archon:

We initiated the Alpha Theta Class in the chapter house. This month we will host a parent’s weekend event and a homecoming tailgate.

Eminent Recorder:

Please contact me if you would like to receive chapter minutes via email each week.

Eminent Treasurer:

The new members are beginning to pay their dues and set up payment plans. We have recently received the bill for new member dues and will be paying that bill in the next 30 days. As of right now we are tight on our budget with only about $1,500 remaining after end of the semester. As a chapter we still need to pay the health and safety fees, but we are going to begin paying these.

Eminent Correspondent:

Nothing to report

Eminent Warden:

The chapter has been behaving well so far this year. No major fines have been handed out.

Eminent Herald: Nothing to report


This month myself and the committee are working on updating the bylaws to how we currently work and organization of the bylaws. We are adding chair position descriptions to the Bylaws. If you have any questions or would like to request a copy of the 2019 NC Omega Bylaws, please contact me at (803) 415-3693 or Phi Alpha

Health and Safety Officer:

Keep brothers healthy and safe this month. I am also working with the Executive Council to educate the chapter on health and safety rules for our fraternity.

Membership Educator:

I am working to educate the chapter on all things Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Reach out to me if you have questions


Fall recruitment went well, preparing for spring

Upcoming Events:

In the News...

  • Despite NC Omega hardships during the month of September, we have good news to report! Our chapter initiated 12 members into the class Alpha Theta: Adam Lippy, Ben Leach, Hollis Carney, Brandon Rockette, Daniel Ryan, Davis Phillips, Devin Whitaker, Earl Styne, Fernado Rodriguez, Kevin Wensley, Neal Gilliam and Tobey Price! We welcome these new brothers with open arms and can’t wait for them to meet each and every one of our alumni!

  • It’s Back!! The annual Alumni vs Active Brotherhood Football game! The game will take place on October 25, 2019 at 8:00pm in the intramural fields! NC Omega active brotherhood is already stacking up their team! Contact me to sign up for your alumni team! I have 13 positions available for sign ups! Please reach out to me via call, text, or email at (803) 415-3693 or! We are looking forward to our competition! Hope to see you there! Phi Alpha

New Member Class: Alpha Theta

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