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September 2018 Newsletter


We are excited to report a successful Fall 2018 Rush Week, having picked up the most new members. We initiated 7 new members this semester! They are listed as follows: Cameron Forbis Brandon Leonard Dijoun Huitt Ian Rushton Dylan Sprouse Dylan Kitts Brett Saunders

To share some news since the latest newsletter: We have elected Blaise Stephens as our Chapter Advisor. William Boggs (myself) was inducted into the Order of Omega, representing the top 3% of Greek leaders. If you have not seen the SAE Rush video made by Jack Nobers and Mitch Foust, you should check it out on either the Alumni Facebook group or on the chapter's Instagram. We also finally got a NICE new 10x20 tent with our letters on it, courtesy of Mack Long's family, and Parker Cain spent $900 out of pocket to buy us two 2,000 Watt speakers.

Homecoming is on November 3rd and we will be grilling food and having active vs alumni football game. Of course, all are welcome to come and just hang out. Those interested in going to local bars should know that No Name and Tucks have closed, but Innovation Brewery has a new location in Dillsboro that is much larger and makes a great place to chill and Nine Lives is opening in place of Tucks. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to see. An RSVP poll will be posted on the Alumni Facebook group for anyone hoping to attend so we can get an idea of how many people to cook for. If you would like to come up for Big Brother, text me for the date.

Topois will be on November 17th. I am the only brother graduating and reading this semester.

After starting off in a rough spot this year, our budget is set up to get us back on track and put us in a better financial position going forward. If anyone would like to see a copy of it to know where our money is going, just ask and I will send it to you!

Alex Queen is our top donor of the month, having donated $100!

For those who recently visited and asked how they could help out financially, here are some things we are working towards right now:

  • Mack Long's family got us a10x20ft tent with our letters on it. We would like to give back some of the cost of it, which was about $750.

  • Parker Cain, spent $900 out of pocket purchasing two 2,000 Watt speakers. We would also like to return some of that to him.

  • Sending brothers to Ritual School this year

Donations can be sent via Venmo to @sae_wcu You can also donate to the chapter's education fund which is tax deductible! Text me for more info.

Click the button below to let us know what else you would like to see in future newsletters!

Phi Alpha,

William Boggs Alumni Relations Eminent Treasurer

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